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Client Testimonials

  1. I was about to give up on ever taking my dog with me to dinner out with friends. Enter Dawitt and his A-Plus training (ha!). After just one session we saw a huge improvement and NOW after 6 sessions we are thrilled with how much better our dog behaves not just out on walks, but at home with our friends, etc. What I LOVE about his training philosophy is that it is based on how dogs naturally behave. He uses "Dog Psychology" (yes, like Cesar Milan) to speak the language of dogs. He also switches up the location of our sessions - at the dog park or at our home so we can really hone our pup's new skills. It's been a blast! Dawitt promised us a "new" dog and for us that meant our same sweet little girl but with less anxiety and more trust in us. We're definitely going to continue our training program. And you bet we're recommending A-Team all over the place!
    Heidi V.
  2. Can't say enough- these guys are not only the real deal but as nice & professional as could be. (& I'm tough on people, lol). But really, if you want to have a trained, well behaved dog, there's no one else to go to -and we tried another VCA(or Humane Society) recommended guy. SO glad to have found the A-Team.
    Brian K.
  3. This review is long over due. Dawit was amazing with our little street dog Dasher. Dawit spent so much time and put in so much energy to make sure Dasher got the attention he needed. He is extremely knowledgable about dog psychology and has a very warm personality. His approachable manner and innate ease with dogs made my sweet puppy feel very comfortable. My little Dasher was once a disheveled puppy roaming the busy streets and now he is a much more confident and calm dog largely due to Dawit's expertise and genuine concern for my dog's wellbeing. I cannot recommend Dawit enough!!!
    Sonia F.
  4. Dawit is a miracle worker! Our dog is a little crazy on leash and Dawit has really helped us learn how to reshape his behavior. It's still a work in progress, but the change we've seen in just a few sessions has really been amazing.
    Emily A.
  5. My dog showed immediate improvement and the customer service was fantastic! I can't recommend this place enough! My dog Shia seems happy as well :))
    Kyle M.
  6. I met Dawit one day in my neighborhood, while walking my dog, took his card and decided to give his technique a try. I'm really glad I did. In a very short time, just a few sessions, my dog made major improvements in her behavior. I couldn't be more satisfied. His technique is definitely solid and yields positive results. He is no doubt very skilled, professional and my dog loves him.
    Lisa R.
  7. Cant say enough good things about Dawit. Not only has he trained our rescue pit bull in everything from basic obedience to leash-walking to dog park behavior, but he has basically coached us though the anxiety of first-time dog ownership, answering endless panicked text messages in the middle of the night and using his calm but stern demeanor to allay the frustrations that accompany having a new dog. We didn't know how much we needed Dawit until we started training with him. My dog loves him too.
    Russell B.
  8. YAY I found out about Dawit and the A Team -- In 5 weeks my dog has stopped barking at everything that moves, she can roll over sit, fetch and come on command. WOW THE A TEAM is amazing.
    Valorie H.
  9. My boyfriend and I have been working with Dawit with our 2 puppies (about 1 year old each) for a couple of weeks now and it's incredible how much they have changed! The first class was free and Dawit was nice enough to really work with them in that hour and even spent longer with us to make sure the dogs (and we) got the most out of the session. Every session since then has been just as great. He comes to your home and sees all your worst dog owner habits and your dog's worst habits and gives you realistic tools to practice to make having a dog the enjoyable experience it should be. And NO treats. Seriously- none. And they still listen to you. His methods have been really effective. Price-wise A-Team is very competitive. All of the other training options we looked into required us paying session fees for BOTH of our dogs making the price really unreasonable. A-Team charged us by the session rather than by the dog- which is great and makes so much more sense if you're truly interested in helping people and dogs out not just making money. A-Team will be successful without things like that because the methods are effective and the customer service is great. Emily (Dawit's office manager) is FANTASTIC. She's super responsive and very helpful. All around great experience. I've already referred 2 of my friends with dogs and even some complete strangers.
    Alex A.
  10. They truly went above and beyond and really transformed our German Shepard! We had issues with her - socialization with other dogs and Dawit helped her overcome those issues. First, Dawit gave us a free 30 minute consultation and gave us an individualized game plan of what needed to be done, he's not going to sell you on more than your dog needs, which i really liked. He was great with the dog and understood our dog so much. He also did a great job of explaining to us what was going through our dogs mind in situations and why he was doing certain things to help train her. We signed up for five sessions, and Dawit thought our dog had more potential to perform at a higher level than she was. So he added on a couple extra sessions with us at no charge, and only when he was satisfied with her, did she graduate. Truly amazing! I would honestly recommend to anyone. Thank you A-Team Dog Training for helping us with Hazel! She loved Dawit!
    Alexandra F.